ASX Sharemarket Game: Win yourself a $30 gift voucher

The ASX Sharemarket Game wants to hear from you about your experience with the game. They want to know what you have learnt? What mistakes you have made? How did you get started? They will award a $30 gift voucher to the most helpful Game feedback received over the next fortnight. Plus, it will be published in the next newsletter, just like Ben from Waverley Christian College. This is what Ben wrote … This week’s feedback is from Ben from Waverley Christian College…” I have learnt that the sharemarket is a very complicated business, and that much planning and observation is involved. I have also learnt that stock prices do not behave the way I want them to. I have to plan, observe, and try to predict as to what will happen next. This is tricky as the company announcements can be cryptic and hard to understand, and the way they influence the price may vary. Also, global events can have different effects on different types of companies. As with the crisis in Japan with the nuclear reactors going into meltdown, Paladin Energy’s share price (PDN), which is primarily a uranium mining company, went down quite drastically…Other companies share prices went up, though. The media and people’s opinions affect the share price of different companies a lot. The way the media represents how being green is good for example affects companies like Gunns (GNS) that do logging or Macarthur Coal (MCC) which mines coal…”