Sharemarket game weekly update

We are now in the last few days of trading in the ASX Sharemarket Game. You do not have to cash in all of your shares on the final day if you do not want to, as it is the total portfolio value (cash plus shares) that syndicates are ranked on. You can continue trading right up until the market closes at 4pm on Wednesday, May 11. All the rankings will be hidden after the close of the Game so the ASX can finalise the winners. All will be revealed the following week on Thursday May 19.

The sharemarket has lost some ground this week after a weakening US dollar (after the killing of Osama bin Laden) and the anticipation of the Federal Budget on May 10.

As at the close of trade on Friday 6 May, it looks like Mr. Rouse has dropped to second place in the WCC rankings. However, there is another mystery teacher syndicate that has moved into first place at WCC.

Ranking Player name Portfolio value
1 WCC Syndicate 2 TTR $51,249.67
2 WCC Teacher ARO $51,181.70
3 Eunice $51,132.28
4 WCC Teacher MCK $51,083.08
5 Melissa Tan $50,811.50
6 Joshua2 $50,786.43
7 Aaron R $50,562.49
8 Orion $50,461.33
9 JD $50,458.80
10 Lachlan O $50,444.01
11 James Mc $50,416.29
12 Asher Barnes $50,397.58
13 Sharetrader No 1 $50,371.31
14 Matt Lim $50,347.76
15 Jesse $50,338.92
16 Shaq $50,318.95
17 Josef $50,285.22
18 Andrew $50,274.63
19 Young_Hwestley $50,248.50
20 Sherry $50,199.50