AFL Clubs Revenue

The following is an interesting article from The Age on 5 May, on revenue analysis between the 16 AFL clubs in 2010.

As you read the article consider:

  1. What are the key points in the article?
  2. What do you think about those points?
  3. What do they make you wonder?

THE revenue gap between the AFL’s richest and poorest clubs reached $21 million last year, with Port Adelaide and North Melbourne earning approximately that amount less than financial powerhouses Collingwood and West Coast.

Figures obtained by The Age show that the top-two earning clubs, Collingwood and the Eagles, each had football revenue of $45.6 million, compared to North Melbourne’s $24.7 million and Port Adelaide’s $24.6 million, the latter pair having the least football income of any of 2010’s 16 clubs.

The difference between top and bottom clubs for revenue is for what the AFL terms ”club-sourced football revenue” which includes membership, gate-takings, sponsorship, merchandise, corporate hospitality and all distributions from the AFL, counting the annual special distribution (ASD), the extra funding given to clubs that have smaller supporter bases or poor stadium deals.

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