Sharemarket Game Final Update

The Sharemarket Game finished today and winners will be announced next week.

Click on ASX Rankings for the Top 100 players from Waverley Christian College as at the close of trading on Tuesday 10 May, 2011. This was the last time results were available before they were hidden by the ASX today.

After being down at the end of last week, the sharemarket made a strong comeback today with investors largely ignoring the detail in last night’s federal budget, and instead running with a solid lead from offshore markets. The All Ordinaries Index closed up 55 points to 4,858 and the ASX 200 gained just over 1.1 per cent to 4,780. (Read more from ABC News)

The top ten players at Waverley as of the close of trade on Tuesday are shown below. It will be interesting to see the final result after the market come back today.

Rank Player name Portfolio value
1 Joshua2  $51,371.43
2 WCC Syndicate 2 TTR  $51,224.67
3 WCC Teacher ARO  $51,172.70
4 WCC Teacher MCK  $50,972.63
5 Melissa Tan  $50,883.50
6 Lachlan O  $50,785.78
7 Eunice  $50,708.28
8 Orion  $50,461.33
9 JD  $50,458.80
10 Matt Lim  $50,440.31