The power of a Google search

Vodafone’s Australia’s image took a beating earlier in this year when a class action was lodged by it’s customers over dropped calls, reception issues and poor data performance. Furious customers then took to social media and sites like, forcing the telco to admit to some remaining issues.

Vodafone Australia also came under attack this year for a leak of potentially millions of Australian customer records. Investigations into this incident led to what the company believe was access by an employee or dealer via a password secured web portal.

Apparently the company has put in place measures to improve customer service, including a greater social media presence as well as the launch of its own online forum so the company is more in touch with customer’s needs.

Whilst Vodafone may be working overtime to repair its battered image, it seems like some things will never be forgotten. Google isn’t letting the telco forget its darkest days, in which it lost nearly 100,000 customers a month.

If you type the word “complain” followed by a space into the search engine, Google’s autocomplete feature offers “complaint Vodafone” as an option. Typing “cancelling”, “end contract” or “telecommunications ombudsman” also brings up Vodafone references in Google’s top five suggestions.

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