Buying a car


When buying a used car in Victoria, there a several ways that you can do this including:

  • —Buying from a licensed motor car trader
  • —Buying from a private seller
  • —Buying at auction

Buying from a licensed motor car trader

Advantages include:

  • —Offers you the most protection
  • —Cooling off period (3 business days)
  • —Warranty – three months/5,000 km if the car is not more than 10 years old and has travelled less than 160,000 kilometres
  • —Trader must provide clear title

Disadvantages might be:

  • —Can be more expensive
  • —Be wary of high trade-in offers – the price of the car you are buying may be increased to cover the difference

Buying privately

Advantage might be:

  • —Can be less expensive

Disadvantages are:

  • —There is no cooling-off period
  • —The car is not covered by a statutory warranty
  • —It is your responsibility to check that the car is not stolen, has money owing on it, or is on the written-off vehicles register.

Buying at auction

Advantages are:

  • —Auction house must prove clear title
  • —May get a really good purchase price

Disadvantages are:

  • —Unable to test drive
  • —Little or no time to check car’s background
  • —Rarely able to have inspection carried out
  • —No cooling off period
  • —No statutory warranty
  • —No roadworthy certificate

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